Hereditary Hair Loss

Stress & Tension

Trichology is the branch of dermatology that specializes with the scientific study of the health of hair, scalp and its diseases. Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists (one type of skin specialist) who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs, diseases of the scalp, and treat according to cause. Trichology is a para-medical and scientific practice that has more than a century of history, study & research. The roots of trichology started around 1860 in London. The first trichology course was developed in 1974 at the University of Southern California. This course was created to give an overall understanding of hair and scalp health including hair loss, alopecia, and disease. 

Environmental Stressors

Not Enough Activity

Tips For Healthy Hair & Scalp:

Lack of Water & Hydration

Trichology & Hair Health

Thyroid problems

 Avoid washing hair daily 

*Use conditioner after shampooing

*Focus on the scalp when shampooing not the ends

*Use cooler water when shampooing

*Get enough sunlight & nutrients

*Use soft water if available (best for hair, skin, 

& nails)

​*Exercise and hydration (H2O)

*Follow a healthy diet plan

*Incorporate stress relieving activities (ie church, yoga, mediation, long walks, massage, etc.​)

*Stay away from harsh hair products, shampoos, and excessive heat (from blowdryer, flat iron, etc.)

*Using natural oils like olive, avocado, & coconut oil can be great for moisturizing

Common Causes For Hair Loss:

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About Trichology: